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My Story

Katie as an eight year old

As a ten year old I was full life, vitality and my life aspirations that were so big, but somewhere along the way I lost my confidence.

I struggled to manage my weight in my teens, I married at 26 because that’s when you got married in the 90s, and although my marriage was long at 18 years, it wasn’t really a compatible match.  

In my mid 40s I knew I needed to find my own way in life and find a way to truly embrace and accept all of me. This would in turn help me manage my weight, my stress, my relationships and so much more.

At the age of 53 I am now feeling as confident as I was at 10 years old. Nothing phases me, I don’t fear change as that’s all part of my growth and being a yoga teacher, a mum and a nurse allows me to part of others growth too, which is such a privilege.

Pilates & Yoga

My journey into yoga didn’t start with yoga but with pilates. 10 years ago I met the most extraordinary Swedish pilates teacher Kristina Durr, who was living at the time in Cornwall and Kirstina taught me how to become present again, how to notice movement in my body again and how to breathe again. Pilates made such a difference to my physical and emotional body but at the same time as practicing Pilates I also discovered yoga, and I completely fell in love with yoga

In 2006 I trained as a yoga teacher and I was lucky to train with the most incredible yoga teacher Bridget Woods Kramer, who teaches Anusara yoga in Cornwall, London and Internationally.

Bridget is a life force of talent, energy and compassion within yoga and I have learnt so much from Bridget. Not only on how to teach yoga, but how to just be your most authentic and auspicious self.  I had the most incredible 7 months of teaching training in London with Bridget and I have taught yoga ever since.

Teaching is an art, yoga is an art, but the real beauty of yoga is not the aesthetics, but it’s the lasting impression that it has on your mind, body and heart.

My Yoga Training

200 Hours Yoga Teacher (2016) Trained with International Anusara Teacher: Bridget Woods Kramer

100 * Hours Yin Yoga Training. Level One (2017). Level Two (2020)*to be completed in Dec 2020. Trained by Sarah Lo Yin Yoga , who is endorsed by International Yin Teacher Sarah Powers. 

35 Hours Vinyasa Yoga Training. (2017) Trained with Vinyasa  Flow & Qigong author: Mimi Kuo-Deemer

Assisted Bridget Woods Kramer with 200hrs Yoga TT at Triyoga, London (2017)

Assisted Sarah Lo with Yin TT in Netherlands (2018)

Anusara 3 day Workshop with Neesha Zollinger (2019)

*Ayurveda 50 hours training booked for 2021 in Amsterdam 


Other Training

Registered Nurse BSc Hons in Health Studies

Practicing Diabetes Specialist Nurse in NHS in Cornwall

Presence Based Coaching Training with Doug Silsbee in the USA

Zen Leadership training in the UK and USA

Mum to George who is 18 and is an avid  golfer

Interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda 

Love any inversions & definitely love being in a handstand

About Katie Bray Yoga

Thank you for a great weekend. You are an amazing woman, so full of life and passion and warmth.







Limitless like the ocean are your excellent qualities.

Dalai Lama

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