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Yin Yoga is a specific yoga practice that allows a yoga pose to be held for several minutes, compared to just several breaths in traditional yoga. The poses are held at the right depth, specific to each person and then held in stillness.

Each Yin class has a Meridian focus, such as Kidneys & Urinary Bladder. Spleen & Stomach, and the aim of this specific focus is to re balance the particular meridian pair, which then leads to a free flow of Chi/vital force or energy.

The benefits of practicing Yin Yoga along side Vinyasa Yoga, which is predominately more Yang, are huge. Re balancing both your Yin & Yang will cultivate strength and softness, and promote a clarity that maybe you’ve been looking for.

The health of our organs is vital to our overall well-being. If we understand their importance on the physical, energetic and psychological levels, we will be much more motivated to develop a yoga practice that nourishes, protects and even helps heal the visceral organs.

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