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Teaching is an art, yoga is an art, but the real beauty of yoga is not the aesthetics, but it’s the lasting impression that it has on your mind, body and heart.

Katie as an eight year old

As an eight year I used to spend much of my time outside on the lawn, on a pretend beam (plank of wood) pretending I was a gymnast. I practiced for hours with my made up routines of jumping, balancing and just moving and extending my body. I loved the balance aspect, the grace aspect and the feeling of being connected.

As soon as I got to secondary school it all stopped and became very awkward with my new tall frame, which at 5′ 9 seemed very tall back in the 80s! In my 20s I loved step aerobics and in my 30s I tried Spinning. Both of these classes were great aerobically, but what I didn’t realise at the time, they were driving even more of my yang personality, so rather than become more balanced, I became even more out of balance and something needed to change.

Pilates & Yoga

My journey into yoga didn’t start with yoga but pilates. Having returned from living and working in the Middle East, my marriage at that point was breaking down and I knew I needed to find some way of connecting with myself again. There was a local pilates class that I decided to start and I met the most extraordinary pilates teacher.

Kirstina taught me how to become present again. How to notice movement in my body again and how to breathe again. It made such a difference to my physical and emotional body. I loved the way Kristina taught pilates, she was always present, she was strong and she had a passion for movement that I’d never seen before. She also had great empathy, and although she didn’t know why I sat on the mat every week, she knew intuitively that I was there for more that just a physical practice.

I then started going to yoga classes as it was something I wanted to explore more. I spent a weeks holiday at a yoga retreat in Gozo and absolutely loved it. I kept dreaming about being a yoga teacher but never thought it could be possible. But every morning and evening on my yoga mat I was taken on a journey of discovery. My body loved and responded to it. My mind settled and it I wanted to feel like this every day.

In 2006 I trained as a yoga teacher and I was lucky to train with the most incredible yoga teacher Bridget Woods Kramer, who teaches Anusara yoga in Cornwall, London and Internationally.

Bridget is a life force of talent, energy and compassion within yoga and I have learnt so much from Bridget. Not only on how to teach yoga, but how to just be your most authentic and auspicious self.  I had the most incredible 7 months of teaching training in London with Bridget and I have taught yoga ever since.

Today I teach in a way that student’s can find spaciousness within a pose, how to extend in a pose and finally how to make that vital connection with the mind, body and heart in all poses.


200 Hours Yoga Teacher. Trained with International Anusara Teacher: Bridget Woods Kramer

50 Hours Yin Yoga Training. Trained with Yin Expert: Sarah Lo

35 Hours Vinyasa Yoga Training. Trained with Vinyasa  Flow & Qigong author: Mimi Kuo-Deemer

2018 & 2019 Assisted with yoga teacher training in London with Bridget Woods Kramer & 2019 Netherlands with Sarah Lo

Recent workshops attended 2019

Neesha Zollinger Anusara Workshop 30th August-1st September 2019


Registered Nurse BSc Hons in Health Studies

Practicing Diabetes Specialist Nurse in NHS 2 days a week

Presence Based Coaching Training with Doug Silsbee in the USA

Zen Leadership training in the UK and USA


Mum to George, and at the moment George prefers golf to yoga!

Happily divorced from George’s dad

Love Deliciously Ella’s  recipes

Love beach walks, coffee and cake

Love any inversions & definitely love being in a handstand

Love Radio 1 and totally LOVE Greg James


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Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.

Maya Angelou

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